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On Apprenticeship

You see, it is very easy for people to give OPINIONS and dish out ADVICES even in areas they have little of no expertise on.

You hear stuffs like;

“Start a Poultry, buy 1000 Birds, they will lay 1000 Eggs every day, do You know how much they are selling a crate of Egg now, do the Math, You are in Money!!!”

“Just learn HTML, CSS and Javacript lasan, people will be chasing You with their projects”

“Or pay me #10,000, I will teach You how to make #1,000,000 every month”

Sca! Sca!! Scam!!!

Wa lana laye, they will bring Fire extinguisher from heaven.

What do I propose?

The plain old-fashioned APPRENTICESHIP.

My Igbo brothers have mastered this and it is working for them.

Chukwudi wants to start selling Electronics, 
he doesn’t just go on AliExpress and starts importing.

He finds an Oga in Alaba, Onitsha or Aba and apprentices under him for sometime.

During this period He learns what works and what doesnt work, he has access to Oga’s network of associates and if he does normal he even gets Seed Funding for his Business.

Morale of the Story;
Opinions are not CHEAP, they are FREE… that is why people give them out any how.

Want to venture into a new area of Business? Get somebody already doing something in that line and learn the ropes.

You dont have to sew a uniform like the “normal” apprentices.. You can schedule high impact learning sessions or phone calls and learn.

BTW, I wrote a book on my own lessons from Apprenticeship in 2016.. If You are interested You can download it here..…/vital-lessons-from-my-bo…/


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