'Seun Ogunmola


I help People and Businesses to Leverage on Technology to achieve their goals FASTER, EASIER and more COST EFFECTIVE.

About Me

I am a Technology Solutions Provider with a Mission to help People and Organisations leverage on Technology to achieve their Goals Faster, Easier and more Effective than their current methods. 

I am also a Thought-Leader and Adventurer.

On this website, I tell tales of Ventures well built and Adventures well explored.



I provide Information Technology Solutons for People and Organizations


I share my thoughts on subjects ranging from Technology to Common Sense.


I believe "Life should be a daring adventure or nothing", so in my spare time, I explore the wonders of Mother Nature

What i have done

For 10 years and counting, I have been providing top-notch Technology Solutions for Individuals and Businesses both within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

Some of my solutions are currently been used by Federal and State Government agencies across Nigeria.

I have also consulted for Individuals, NGOs, as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across Africa.

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You v2.0.20

Happy New Year Fam! My 2019 “Slow Mo Mode” and “Parte after Parte” officially ended last weekend (..’cos this Life I cant kill myself o). Let me officially welcome Myself…

Beginning or End of a Decade.

I have been privy to several arguments amongst members of the “woke” and “pseudo-woke” communities online and offline. Some are FOR the motion that “2020 is the end of a…

Much ado about 2019.

It is once again that time of the year when we sit down and “count our Blessings”. Personally, I have a ritual of writing a “milestone article” during this period…



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