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A tale of blank Canvases.

It is in the default nature of Humans to think whatever it is they are doing (or not doing) is superior to that of others.   That is why somebody who doesn’t watch BBN thinks others who watch the show are suffering from a special kind of stupidity.   That is why someone will post […]

On Xenophobia : the real Enemy.

The “average” African Man faces similar challenges whether he is in Oshodi Lagos, Accra, Ghana, or Pretoria, South Africa. He is in a perennial battle with Poverty orchestrated by years of Bad Governance and the waste of his nation’s vast resources. Whilst this problem is a glaring one, there is a bigger one; the way […]

On Referrals and the “Man know Man” advantage

I do not know about You, but 80% of the opportunities that have come my way came through referrals. Clients, Job offers, Gigs..just name it. What happens is that someone somewhere needs your services and You are not there to “pitch yourself to them”, but there is somebody there who just happens to mention your […]

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