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I am Seun Ogunmola I help People and Organizations to leverage on Technology to achieve their goals Faster, Easier and Cheaper. I also write on diverse subject areas including Finance, Business, Productivity and Governance.

AI in Product Management 1

Hey there, 
Welcome to the first article of my exciting blog series, where I am diving deep into the fascinating world of “AI in Product Management.”

If you’ve ever wondered how artificial intelligence is shaping the way we create and manage products, you’re in for a treat.

Let’s kick things off with a fundamental exploration of AI and its significance in our tech-driven world.

Sprint Planning: How to Plan a Sprint Effectively

Sprint planning is a critical ceremony in the Scrum framework that sets the foundation for a successful sprint.

It enables the Scrum team to collaborate, define goals, and plan the work to be accomplished during the sprint.

Let’s explore key steps and best practices to help you plan your sprints effectively and maximize your team’s productivity.

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