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“Ofe ko ni Poster” (Posters are not free)

Way back in my university days in FUTA, I had a friend who contested and won the Chairmanship position of our hall of residence.

Courtesy of his new position, He had One room to himself alone. 
The room would have been shared by 4 people (officially) and about 8-12 people (including Squatters and Loafers) and the room came with other amenities like Fans and a TV which were a luxury at that time.

Anytime we went to his room and commented about the kind of “Aye” he was chopping, he would reply “Padi Mi, Ofe ko ni poster” AKA I did not print my campaign posters for free.

Morale of the story:

Every GOOD THING in this life comes with a Price tag and it is only those that are willing and able to pay the price that enjoy the luxury.

It is common practice to complain and rant about folks “chopping the life” that they have paid the dues for especially Politicians and Business people.

Well, Politics from its origins was designed to FAVOUR POLITICIANS. From the origins of Politics, the “Masses” have always been complaining about their Leaders.. So why do You think that will it change now?

While all of us were perfecting our CV writing skills, somebody was planning how to run a Business and risk all he had into the Business and then You come and complain how he is buying Cars every year… if I give back-hand slap.

Where was my Dad and your Dad when Politicians were joining political parties and printing campaign posters?

And since most of my guys are becoming Dads these days, where were You when folks were starting Businesses?

Here is the purpose of this post,

If there is a particular OUTCOME You want in your life, ask around for the PRICE and be willing to PAY… I mean Legit o… Dont go and do like that #30Under30 guy…

So that your new “children” will not grow up and start singing Teni’s “Daddy mi o lowo, sugbon mo lo lorun”..

That is all the Monday Motivation you need..

Happy New Week BTW.


Image Credit : Pixabay

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