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Between listening to Critics and pursuing your Dreams.

Whenever I hear yet another person say they stopped pursuing their dreams or doing something they loved doing because someone criticised them, I laugh.

You hear stuffs like “I used to write o, but somebody somewhere said it was shitty so I stopped”.. or “I used to sing o, but our local choirmaster said my voice wasnt good enough so I stopped”

I am like “haq haq haq, You don know warris goin on”.

Let me help You understand it.

You are a Human right?
You Breathe, infact You snore and I dont like how You breathe.

Will You stop Breathing? (Wa kan ku danu)

Whether You do it or not, people will talk, why not kuku do it anyways?

You want to be a Singer… Sing!!! even Speedy Baba na Singer.

You want to be a writer? go ahead and write.

You want to be a developer? Get a PC, get knowledge online and Code your life away.

No let anybody off the generator we dey power your shine.

BTW, the feature image shows a Fisherman jejely paddling his own Canoe amidst the hustles and craziness of Lagos.. him nor send anybody… Be like him.


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