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Between Sango the “Evil Spirit” and Thor “the Super Hero”; a tale of narratives.

Sango Olukoso is the Yoruba god of Thunder.. some mythologies have it that he was the 3rd Alaafin of Oyo. (Story for another day)

Thor the son of Odin in Norse mythology is also a god of Thunder though he added small carpentry to his own.. He has a hammer..🤪

Wetin both of them dey strike? Thunder!!! like Lagbaja.

But today courtesy of religions borrowed or inherited, Sango has been relegated to “Evil Spirit” status WHILE Thor lives on as a Super Hero.

As kids, we read about Thor in comic books, now as adults we pay to see a representation of him in Marvel movies.

What happened?

2 gods of Thunder.

Some told their own story so well that their “god” has now elevated to an Avenger.

The other, well, we pray against him sometimes.

Away from the gods of thunders..

Here is the purpose of this post.

Greatness is evenly distributed.. each region and people have their own fair share of greatness..

The challenge now lies in HOW we TELL the STORIES of our own GREATNESS..

At the moment, what we are doing is either leaving our narratives to be told by others OR adopting their own stories as ours..

Until we take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the DELIVERY of our NARRATIVES, the best we can/will be are INDEPENDENT SLAVES..


1 thought on “Between Sango the “Evil Spirit” and Thor “the Super Hero”; a tale of narratives.”

  1. Songo also has an axe and hammer like Thor, it is the same God of thunder and lightening worshiped in diffent nations and continents.

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