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What is the Commercial Value of your Gifting?

The Other day, I was reading a Primary School Literature book when I came across an old Pal of a sentence. The sentence read “Obi’s father is a Commercial Farmer”.

I highlighted “Commercial Farmer”, those are phrases we don’t get to hear often these days, we have become engrossed with codes, startups, targets and the likes that we have forgotten some of the good old cliches from the good old days.

Now back to my “Commercial Farmer” insight, Obi’s farmer is a Farmer quite alright but there was need for an adjective to qualify the kind of Farmer he is. If there are commercial farmers, it depicts to me that there will also be farmers that are not Commercial. Say Subsistence Farmers (let me borrow a phrase from my secondary school Agric. classes).

Commercial farmers produce on a large scale for commerce while the farmers at the other end produce just for their families and maybe neighbours.

If it is applicable to Farmers then I believe it will be applicable to all other areas of Human endeavor.

Some quick questions here;

Hey, What do you do?

Are you commercial in what you do?

For instance, I am an I.T. professional, the question is am I a Commercial I.T. Professional?

I have my answers!

You should ask yourself the same questions too!!!

Once again do not forget the question;

What is the commercial value of your gifting?


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