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Like your Life depends on it.

Like your Life depends on it.

That is exactly how You should pursue the things that matter to You.

One of the major reasons we do not get things done in-time and on-time is because we don’t want them like our lives depend on them. They are mere wishes. We still have reservations, We still want to be perceived as cool, calm and collected.

You don’t stay cool with when your Life depends on something. You go at it ruthlessly.

Eric Thomas, once told the story of a young man who desired to be Successful,the young man went to a Guru to ask for help. He told the Guru he wanted to learn how to be successful. The guru told him to come meet him the next day at the Beach. The young man was wondering, I told this man I want to be successful, he his telling me to come meet him at the Beach, does he think I want to learn how to swim.

The next day, the young man and the guru met at the beach, the Guru walked towards the water he instructed the young man to follow him. The water got to Ankle level, then Knee level, then waist level. After sometime, the Guru held the young man underneath the water, the young man struggled and fought not to drown,then the guru released him.

The young man gasping for breath asked the guru, do you want to kill me!!!!? I asked you to teach me how to be successful, You want to drown me instead. The Guru replied, how did feel when you were under the water? The young man replied, all that mattered to me was to breathe.

The guru replied, now you have learnt how to be successful!.

Until You want Success as badly as you want to breathe, You will not be Successful

Same applies to You and I, until we want the things we want like we want to breathe, like our Lives depend on it, we cannot be Successful.

Way forward?,

Go at the things you want with ruthless execution like your Life depends on it.


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