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That Life we talked about.

I have fond memories of my childhood and the jolly good times I spent with my siblings.

Back in the days when the only generating set in the compound belonged to our richest neighbor. The days when the dullest kid in the neighborhood was smart enough to yell “Up Nepa!!!!” at the sight of glowing electric bulbs.

On many of those nights when “Nepa was down” and all we had to counter the darkness were Kerosine lanterns placed at strategic locations so they could serve as many rooms and possible (there were no enough lanterns to go round all rooms..LOL).

I remember my siblings and I would lay locally made “ibile” mats in front of our apartment as we enjoyed the luxury of the “white light” provided by the Moon. We would stare at the Moon and wonder if it was a Wolf or a Dog it had in it. We called it “Aja Osupa” (The Dog in the moon).

Such nights would not end without we exercising our imaginative faculties. We would talk about the LIFE we would LIVE when we grow up. We would talk about the kind of Houses we would live in and the kinda cars we would drive in the FUTURE.

Fortunately for us, that FUTURE we talked about is here. Its time to LIVE that LIFE we said we would LIVE. Its time to go inspect the kinda of houses we said we would live in, its time to go shopping for those cars we said we would drive.

It’s time to LIVE that LIFE we TALKED about.

I thought I was the only one sharing such sentiments until yesterday I listened to Tu Face Idibia’s latest single “Oya Come Make We go”. The lyrics of that song resonated with the thoughts in my head. Tu Baba is no doubt a living legend.

I leave you with snippets from the lyrics of that song.

“ Oya come we go
 make we go to all the places wey we talk say we go like to go before
 make we go,make we see
 wetin them dey do for there
 make we feel am make we check am
if na two head them dey use we go know whether na truth or whether na lie dem dey blow oya come make we go oya come make we go” — Tu Face Idibia, 2016

You sure know where to get the song.

BTW, this post was inspired by that song.


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