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Wondering if there is a word like that in the dictionary?

Well, it does not have to be. I can so decide to add it to my own dictionary.

One of the greatest gifts the divine has bestowed upon us as Humans is the abilility to Self-Sculpt; Our abilities to make our own decisions, to Pilot our destinies, our abilities to screw fate, our abilities to look the gods in the eye, defy them and change the course of history.

Still looking for the meaning of Self-Sculptability?.

Well I am sure you should not.

Our history books and invention catalogs are but mere stories of ordinary men; mere mortals like ourselves who decided to self-sculpt and transform themselves and their handiworks into immortal artifacts that will be persistently relevant to generations yet un-bone.

I wake up every morning with the consciousness that God, Nature, the Ether, Allah, Buddha, whatever you choose to call the supreme being has put me on auto-pilot to make my own decisions, determine my destiny and self-sculpt myself into whatever I choose to become.

That to me is a priceless gift.

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