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A case for quality Education delivery in Nigeria.

One in every five of the world’s out-of-school children is in Nigeria. – Unicef

Last I checked, the number of out-of-school children in Nigeria was 13.2 million (60% of which came from the North East; where some of their Fathers and Uncles are currently advocating for RUGA instead of Schools and Knowledge exchange)..

With the number of naming ceremonies I have heard about in the last few months, I am sure the number should have increased drastically by now.

Those of us who will eventually go to school will graduate and be tagged “Un-baked, Under-Cooked, Un-cooked, Un-marinated” and all sorts like we are some dish ordered from a restaurant..

Some of us will take Java courses and not write a complete Java program in the class for the whole semester (No be me talk am o)…

Most of us come out as “Un-employable” which explains our high unemployment rate (23.10%)

The picture I attached to this post shows some of OUR LEADERS LABOURING hard to ensure their Children get educated in foreign schools.

(I guess the Angel that was supposed to GUIDE OUR LEADERS RIGHT is now a fallen Angel)


Actually, I will not be surprised if the children of our Minister of Education are studying hard in some foreign Schools.

Well, away from the ranting, the average Nigerian is an expert at that anyways… they rant and fume fire and when they are done, to go read gossips on Instablog, watch BBNaija or English Premier league… they super-sanctimonious ones will go to church and “sow seeds into their future”..

Some ray of hope;

For over a year now, the team The Platform Technology LTD have been working on a solution to help reduce the number of out of School Children in Nigeria.

The project code named Educate Naija is aimed at providing qualitative Education for the Under-Schooled and Un-Schooled communities in Nigeria.

So far, we have made some progress and we are looking to PILOT our solution in an Un-Schooled or Under-Schooled community come this September when the new session will commence.

Here is the purpose of this post.

If You have access to organisations that can help facilitate the deployment of this solution OR You know someone who knows someone who knows someone that can be instrumental to this, Kindly send me a mail via or 






Feature Image Credit : Toyosi Akerele 

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