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Essential IT Project Management : A Beginner’s Guide

Who was the Book written for? As the title implied, it was written for the “absolute beginner”. I have assumed zero knowledge. Even if You just returned from a Cave and You are just hearing about “Project Management” for the first time in your life, the book was written for

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Want to make Money Legitimately Online in 2024?

Hi there, Happy New Year once again. The year is moving so fast, we are already in the middle of January.   Do You plan to make Money Online legitimately in 2024?   Is “Making More Money” part of your “New Year Resolutions”?   Do You want extra streams of income to

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Buy “Break into Product Management”

Are You looking to switch into a Career in Technology by becoming a Product Manager?

Then, I have written this eBook with the absolute beginner in Mind.

This eBook will take You from a total Novice in Product Management to being able to get your first Product Management Job or Gig.

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Buy “Notes on AI and Product Management”

Hey There, So I just launched a compilation of some of my Notes on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Product Management. This eBook goes for 2,000 NGN Only. Trust Me the information in there is worth more the 100x the Money   Click here to buy the eBook  

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Download Insights from Inside Life eBook

This book is an attempt to document some of the insights I have acquired from my observations of everyday life. I titled it “Insights from Inside Life”. Insight means “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.” “Inside Life” is a slang/pseudonym for the World

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Download “Thoughts of a Local Man” eBook

In this eBook, I share some of the critical Lessons I have learnt from the “gbas gbos” experiences of Life. Trust Me, You will enjoy every bit of the book. Click the link below to download. I will look forward to hear from You.

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Download “Common Sense should be Common”

Happy New Month Fam!, How is it going over there? So I tried my hands on the satire genre recently and its looking like I have finally found my niche.   I wrote “Common Sense should be Common” in March 2019. It is a compilation of short satirical stories aimed

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