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Essential IT Project Management : A Beginner’s Guide

Who was the Book written for?

As the title implied, it was written for the “absolute beginner”. I have assumed zero knowledge.

Even if You just returned from a Cave and You are just hearing about “Project Management” for the first time in your life, the book was written for You.

By the time You are done reading, You would have gone from “zero” to “comfortable” in Project Management.

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Why did I write the Book?

Every day, I get requests from people asking Me to “Mentor” them.

Last time I checked, Mentor was the name of a person.

I wouldn’t want to bore You with folklore.

However, Mentor devoted his life to raising Telemachus the Son of Odysseus.

Given that context, there is a limit to the number of people I can “mentor” personally. That is why I prefer to document my knowledge and thoughts in Books. That way I can reach more people without necessarily “mentoring” them personally.

In this eBook, I have documented my knowledge of Information Technology (IT) Project Management.

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