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Need some EPP?

I have got you covered!

I can help you with the following:

  • Information Technology Services
    • Online “REAL ESTATE” (AKA Web Development) .. I can help you own and manage webSITES, weBLOGS etc.
    • Custom Software and Mobile App Development
    • Social Media and IT Strategy ( I can help you figure out the best way to use Technology and Social Media to PUSH whatever you are doing to the very FOREFRONT).
  • Academic Consultancy
    • Are you a Student (whether under or post graduate) and you are facing a dilemma with your Technology or Business related project? Talk to me.
  • Writing and Self-Publishing
    • Are you a writer or do you plan to be one? I can help you!. I can help you take your idea from manuscript to finished product.

Need help with any of those?

Give me a call on : +2347037667193

or Send me a Mail : or

Send Me a Message on Whatsapp