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You See problems,I see opportunities!



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Yup! that’s right!, we are looking at the same thing but we are SEEing different things!

You know I have been taking some INTERNSHIPS in Business in the last few months, God has blessed me with a Boss who is a natural Business man as against me who is an academic business man (winks) I can give you various definitions of business and  strongly worded business plans in a matter of minutes but here is a man who does business in REAL LIFE what I do on Paper what a contrast you say, but that is the more reason why he is my Boss!

What I am sharing with you today is one of the several lessons I have learnt from this free practical MBA program.

 “Every Problem is a Business Opportunity” *In my Boss’ Voice*

And that exactly is what he practices everyday, while every other person is complaining about what the government is not doing right, he is cooking up a solution to give to the government and ops he doesnt run a charity organization, so he gets paid by the government for seeing things differently from the majority of its citizens.

So as an apprentice business man, I am beginning to see things differently from others too, EVERY PROBLEMS (I repeat in Cinema tone), EVERY PROBLEM is a Business opportunity no exceptions!

The next time you are tempted to join the “compatriots” in complaining about what this government is not doing right, take a time out and look at it from another perspective, What Business can we make out of this?. You will be surprised at the business solutions you will come up with.

Who knows maybe the reason why the Government is not doing well is because God has decided to create opportunities for Business people. Come to think of it, If every System of the Government is fully functional then most of us will be out of business or not be doing our current businesses!

Next time you see a lapse on the part of the Government, look up to heaven and Thank God for giving you another business opportunity all you have to do is do some research, plan and provide a solution to that problem. The Government is very skilled at paying for Solutions they cannot provide!

ops! I am off….Let me go learn more… MBA on the Move….



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