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What you know I also know; I am not inferior to you


I was glancing through the scriptures earlier today and I came across this fascinating verse Job 13:2

“What you know I also know; I am not Inferior to you”

This was coming from Job; a man who had seemingly lost everything he had but then he refused to be battered and intimidated by his seemingly still well-to-do friends.They came around and started the usual “heyah”,”pele” kinda thing.

But Job was quick to remind them; Hey guys What you know I know, I am not inferior to you.

Morale of the Story:

As we go through the week and ultimately through life, you will inevitably come across people who are carriers of the Inferiority Complex Virus (ICV) and (like the Liberian guy who brought the dreaded Ebola to Nigeria) will try to infect you.

Remember to Remind them

“What you know I already know, I am not Inferior to you”

Have a great week ahead friend!.




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