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What Happens When the Happening Thing Stops Happening!?


First there was the Agrarian age; In this age Farmers and Land Owners were the RICH and FAMOUS of the Society, All you needed was some hectares of land fully cultivated with Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa), Cotton et al and You are a Success.

As if it was going to last forever, the Millionaires of the Agrarian age soon began to fade away to give way for the “Rockefellers” who were  to pioneer  the Industrial Age, in this age you needed more than just a land and some crops to stand tall in the society.

It was either your land was Steel-Rich, had some Gold underneath the crops or you had heavy duty machinery and a huge factory to prove yourself worthy.


The Millionaires of this age proved to the world that the wealth of the Agrarian age was just “coins” compared to what they were announcing in net worth.


The Industrial Age like it predecessor did not last forever too as some young rebels were already fully armed with new machines for a revolution. This new age due to its dynamism had attracted different name tags from the society. Some tagged it the Computer Age, Some call it the Information Age, Some have even gone as far as tagging it the Creative Age.

(let’s leave the history lessons for another day)…..

So what am I driving at from the parable of the ages, history has seen Millionaires and Mega-Millionaires become paupers almost over night because what was “happening” for them ceased to happen.

And as the saying goes ..

“History always has a way of repeating itself”

My Big question to myself and other upwardly-mobile folks out there today is;

“What happens when what is happening for you ceases to happen?”

For example I am an Information Technology professional and the god-of-the-ages seems to be smiling on folks like me right now but what happens when we wake up tomorrow and the world no longer patronizes softwares?, what happens when Mobile Apps are no longer in vogue?, what happens when Apple and Microsoft (et al) are no longer the top earning organizations in the world?

We need more than just what is happening right now.. We need to key into what is happening now and what will happen in the future!…

I will shed more light on “Keying into this Future” in my subsequent posts!

Do have a great week my friend!

#Suceed Now and Suceed in the Future!



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