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We all have Customers!


Yeah! We all do have customers!

I grew up with a vague notion of the word “CUSTOMER”, I had grown up in a civil service environment, my Parents and their friends and their friends’ friends were all working for one government establishment or the other therefore the word CUSTOMER  wasn’t mentioned quite often.

But for my grandma who owned a large restaurant at that time, I wouldn’t have heard of the word Customer. She was the only person that used that word quite often around me. And according to her definition, her customers were people who patronized her restaurant.

Therefore as I grew up, if you asked me what or who a customer was, I would tell you, “a customer is somebody who patronizes my grandma”.

But then, as I began to take responsibility for my knowledge acquisition, I came to discover that a customer yes! was someone who patronizes my grandma but beyond that a CUSTOMER was by and large ANYBODY who is willing and able to PAY for your GOODS, PRODUCTS and/or SERVICES.

It now dawned on me that a customer wasn’t only restricted to people who owned shops, restaurants and other sales outlets. We all have customers. Including my Dad and his Civil Service friends ,their customer was the Government who pays their salaries.

We all have customers!

For example; the CEO of my organization is my Number One Customer likewise my Girlfriend, she is my Emotional Customer, I offer her value-added emotional services in return for a remuneration (not necessarily in cash).

Even my Boss is not left out of the customer cycle, because the only reason why I am on his payroll is to assist him in also providing services to his own customers!.

So what lessons do we learn from the Parable of the Customers?

Your revenue or income (as the case maybe) is DIRECTLY proportional to the quantity and quality of goods,products or services that your CUSTOMER(s) is/are willing and able to accept and PAY for.

Consequently, the higher the number of Customers you are willing and able to serve the higher your net revenue!

Conclusively, your CUSTOMERS go a long way in determining how rich or poor you will be in the long run!


Dont forget we all have Customers whether you are a student or a civil servant or a corporate servant or a Boss…. We all have Customers! 

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