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There is something more powerful than Power!



So you want to know that which is more powerful than Power?

We will explore that in a moment, but before we delve into demystifying that which is more powerful than power, I think it will be cool if we get a candid understating of the concept of power itself.

The Microsoft Encarta dictionary (the version approved to be used on windows) has various definition for power but I will quote verbatim the most captivating ones.

1. capacity to do something: the ability, strength, and capacity to do something
2. strength: physical force or strength
3. control and influence: control and influence over other people and their actions
4. political control: the political control of a country, exercised by its government or leader

Different folks have different definitions for the concept of power.

Power to a politician would probably mean the incumbent governor or president or probably the ruling party.

To the religious folks, POWER is best displayed in terms of SIGNS and WONDERS.

To a Buddhist, the height of power is BUDDHA himself.

We can continue to explore several definitions of power from different works of life but that will be a digression from our quest of unraveling that which is more powerful than power.

So lets play Who want wants to be more powerful than power!!!

That which is more powerful than power is our ability to Learn!.

Yes! it wasnt a typographical error, that which is more powerful then power (I repeat) is my and your ability to LEARN!

That powerful politician “in power” today is in that position because he/she has learnt over the years how to become a powerful politician.

That powerful “man of God” demonstrating raw signs and wonders is powerful because he has learnt over the years how to become a powerful man of God!.

I am not a fan of lengthy texts so I will like to conclude by emphasizing again that;

“Our ability to LEARN is more powerful than power!”

A “powerless” learner today will in a very short time become a POWERFUL leader in his/her chosen endeavor!

LEARN and get more POWERFUL than POWER my friend!


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