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The Parable of 9-11


I grew up knowing the Peugeot J5  automobile by its nickname “the 9-11”, obviously because of its speed. This automobile a bestseller in its days was practically a Cheetah on the road. I have heard Drivers brag and re-brag about the capabilities of this Peugeot product when it comes to traveling long distance. In summary 9-11 was FAST!

Then in the course of my search and re-search of the scriptures I came across a piece written by King Solomon of Israel; son of King David in the book of  Ecclesiastes 9:11


Even though they had a commmon 9-11 Addendum each of them was directly opposte.

While the Peugeot J5 (AKA 911) was an epitome of speed, the King Solomon’s version of 9-11 was of the school of thought that the race is not to the swift (the 9-11s), neither yet bread to men of wisdom (the Kofesos (Professors)) nor the battle to the Strong (the Goliaths) not yet riches to men of understanding nor yet favour to men of skill but TIME and CHANE happens to them all.

What  lessons can we pick from these According to the Solomon’s 9-11 principle the race is not always won by the Peugeot 9-11s or the Ferrari’s alike but TIME and CHANCE (opportunities) happen to them all.

Forget whether you are a Ferrari, a 9-11 or even a Volkswagen Bettle all that matters to your suceedablility  is your utilization of the TIMES and CHANCES that come your way.


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