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The Morning after your death

After hearing back to back news of how people have been dying since last week, some funny ideas came to my mind.

First I thought of being able to take a time travel to the day I will die, then live backwards from then; Of course I am not Seun Kent from Krypton, and we only mentioned something like that in my Quantum Computing class,nobody even bothered to ask for a practicals and of cause,Microsoft’s Cortona does not have a time travel facility yet.

So I trashed that idea and thought of other ones; the feasible one is writing this post.

We will still do time traveling but we will assuming we are time travelling 😀

Here is the catch; assume we have powers and facilities to perform a time travel and then we travel to the morning after the day you should officially die.

What would it feel like?

First you are somewhere in the clouds seeing things from the birds eye view.

Where should we start from oh?

Okay, let us start from your girlfriend or your wife (if you are fortunate to have one before you die). What do you think she will be doing the morning after your death?. Obviously, she should be crying here eye balls out right?, What if she is not crying? What if she is already planning a vacation with the other Boo she had while you was still her Boo? :D. Remember you are assumed dead so you cannot possibly go knock on her door. #Sorry

Now, let’s zoom in to your office; Do you think you dying on Sunday will stop the office from opening the next Monday morning?Hell No. Do you think the news of your demise will make them cancel the presentation with the prospective client the morning after? I am sure you know the answer. Do you think your colleagues wont go for lunch in the afternoon? You have got to be kidding me!. At best, you get a one minute silence, maybe two from your crushes in the office and the race for your sit (if you are a top guy) begins.

Now let zoom in to your church on Sunday. Do you think the news of your death will make your Pastor not wear his Imported Armani Suit? OYO! Do you think they will cut the other members some slack on tithes and offerings because Brother Seun is Dead. #BadMarket. Church goes on as usual, offerings and tithes roll in as usual, the Choir Mime Sinach or Don Moen as usual. Okay, the Pastor will ask his secretary to prepare the “usual” burial sermon for your burial. 😀

Ops!, the post is getting lengthy and our time travel countdown is nearing 0. We can zoom in on endless scenarios but let return back to the station 🙂

Lets get back to the present.

Welcome back from the time travel.

Now go live life like you would if you could be afforded the opportunity to take a time travel to the morning after your death.

Remember, we all gonna die someday sooner or later, the question is Did you live?

Live, Live, Live so you dont die wrongfully like Fela rightly opined.


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