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Strategic Lessons from my Robbers


armed robberyIt was a very good evening on Friday the 1st of August 2014, I had just returned from a Pizza bash the after-work birthday party of a colleague in the office. The week was seemingly a very successful one.

At about 9pm I had retired to bed after what looked like a “Week-Well-Done” eagerly anticipating my early morning jogging to the Michael Opara Square in the heart of Independence Layout in Enugu, Nigeria.

When around 9:30pm I heard aggressive knocks on my door (something very unusual for a visitor-less geek like me) before I could say “Jack Robinson” my AUGUST 1ST visitors already found their way through the door as though they had the “biblical Key of David”.

Cut the long epistle short, in less than 10 Minutes the my well “strategized” visitors had carted away with my Laptop, Smart and Dumb Phones, Wallet, Snickers, Hard Drives (in short everything valuable they could find in my apartment).

Years worth of valuables all gone in less then TEN minutes …..Yeepa! (Yoruba Exclamation)



Even though they went away with irrecoverable valuables, I was able to recover a couple of lessons from them.

  • First they knocked and didnt wait for me to come and “OPEN THE DOOR” before they launched in.. Great Marketing and Strategy Lesson for me…

Dont wait for your prospects and competitors to act before you carry out your plan

if they had waited 2 minutes more my neighbors would have come in just right on time.

  • As at the time of the operation, there was no power so the only means of illumination was my torch light which they collected immediately they came in thus making it impossible for me to identify any of them.
  • Next, they probably knew they wouldnt have any such opportunity in the future so each one of them optimized the opportunity to take what was of value to him. they more tech-savvy guy went for my laptop and hard drives and even asked for my tab when he sighted the empty pack. The fashion-conscious guy went for my Snickers, the money-guy went for my wallet.
  • Next thing they did was disable all means of communication with my neighbors and policemen (turned  tax-collectors) stationed about 3 minutes to my apartment.

It was indeed a very unfortunate incidence, my first ever armed robbery attack for that matter, But then I learnt valuable Life Lessons.

They came for me, and didnt waste time carrying out the well planned operation.

Maybe they had mistaken-ed  me for a “yahoo-boy”, because of my addiction to Gizmos.

They did not know that the man of God came from as far as Ibadan (South West Nigeria) to hustle OSUSU in Enugu…..Diaris God o

But then the did is already done, the lessons learnt.

God Bless them!

God Bless me!!

God Bless Nigeria!!







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