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Hello Class! I am Prof. Seun Ogunmola, I will be taking you phonetics 101.

In today’s class we are gonna be examining the difference between PINGING and READING

Pinging [ping-in]

Reading [reed-in]

Obviously they dont sound alike, do they?

Class : *echoes* No!!!

That’s the end of today’s class, see you next week.

(end of drama)


I will make a good playwright dont you think?

Actually if I were to teach anything online believe me it wont be phonetics..


What I want to share with you my friend is the story of one Mr. Mike Lazaridis; the Brain-behind and Co-founder of Research In Motion (RIM) makers of the Blackberry Smartphones (AKA Pinging Machines in this part of the world).

Permit me to quote excerpts from the book “How they Started,Global Brands by David Lester”.

…”there were signs of Mike’s inventive talents long before the world started to hear about them. The man who helped develop the world’s first reliable portable email device made a record player out of lego at the tender age of 4.

Mr Mike Laziridis Co-Founder RIM
Mr Mike Laziridis
Co-Founder RIM

By 12, his fascination with engineering and the way things work became clear when he was awarded a prize at his local public library in Windsor Canada, for reading every single science book on its shelves

Exactly!! that was where I was going, Mr Mike Laziridis has history had it READ his way into the invention of the pinging machine.
More like thank God there were no pinging machines in his days else he wouldnt have had time to READ all the science books on a Library’s shelves.

Cut the long story short, what I am trying to pass across my friend is we must emulate people like Mr. Laziridis and create something useful for the next generation we must cut down on the pinging and ponging and invest some quality time in READING, RESEARCH and Re-Research if possible.

If you forget anything, dont forget this

Stop Pinging, Start Reading




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