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Publicize your strengths not your weaknesses!


And so I was at an interview sometimes ago and after about 30 minutes of engaging the panelists, the lead interviewer asked “if anybody had other questions for him (me)?”. Then this young lady; one of the panelist asked with a sheepish grin “Mr Seun!, all you have told us are your strengths, don’t you have any weaknesses?”.

Do you want to guess my answer?.. My answer to her question was a question. I said “Ma’am if I had come here and told you all about my weaknesses, will your organization hire me?”. My question got everybody laughing and in a couple of minutes the interview was over.

A lot of people all over the world are so engrossed in celebrating their weaknesses that they forget they have some strengths too.

Just yesterday while Nigerians were commemorating the 54th Independence Day Anniversary, a typical NONE-GERIAN took to the social media to express his own quota of the independence day message by accurately itemizing WHAT and WHAT was not working in the Country, WHERE it wasn’t working, HOW it wasnt working. The only thing he didn’t mention was WHY it wasn’t working! (which I believe he is a part to).

Every Individual, Society, Country-Nation and even continent have their own fair-share of “OUT-FRASTRUCTURES” (Things that arent working) but what makes the difference is WHAT they choose to PUBLICIZE!

India, the home of the great Mahatma Gandhi, the Asian-Silicon Valley, the home of modern day discoveries in Medicine, Pharmacy, Information Technology et al. as at this moment has the largest “deposits” of Slums and Ghettos in the World.

Uncle SAM (United States of America) is amongst the World’s largest debtors and yet they still show up like the Big Brother in every country’s affairs the world over.

I can continue to cite examples  upon examples, but I am not a fan of lengthy texts.

The conclusion of the whole matter is that these countries have their own fair share (often times bigger than ours) of the troubles yet what they PUBLICIZE is the Strong-holds they have; the MASSIVE IT-Markets in India, the Mega-Billion Dollars IT firms in Palo Alto California etc etc.

And so as a NIGERIAN, I have promised myself not to be a part of the NONE-GERIANS whose job day-in-day-out is to offer FREE PUBLICITY to the WEAKNESSES of the COUNTRY!

I will rather use my resources to PUBLICIZE the GREATNESS that abound in this country situated in the NIGER AREA!

Once again its a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to Nigeria!

And while ACE-HOOD woke up in a NEW BUGATTI, yesterday I woke up in a NEW NIGERIA!



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