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Onto the Prosperity Highway

So I was finally able to convince the graphic design part (department) of me to create a visual for this principle that I have come across time and time again from various books to speakers both motivational and “non-motivational” as you may like to call it.

I choose to call it the Prosperity Highway principle.


You Enter the Highway by Identifying problems around (in the society, in your locality, in your organization…where ever), then you move to the level of not just identifying but making attempts to proffer Solutions to them.

“Every Time a Problem is Solved, Value is Created and Every time Value is Created, you are rewarded with Wealth”

Continue the Cycle and you get to a point where you begin to multiply the Wealth.

The More Wealth you multiply, the More Prosperous you become.

It’s that simple. (…No Rocket Science Involved).

All the best my Friend!

The Top eagerly Awaits us!

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