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Of Pain Relievers and Gain Relievers!


Yipee! We all love pain relievers, you want some aspirin or paracetamol to take that headache or whichever-ache away, but this time around, I am not talking about the pharmaceutical pain relievers (I dont have enough body of knowledge to talk about that in the first place, I am not in the medical profession).

I am talking about the PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE activities we engage in day in day out in other to relieve all kinds of pains.

Actually, this post was inspired by a chapter of Brian Tracy’s Book “No Excuses” that I had glanced through earlier today. The best selling author in this particular chapter was explaining why we should get rid of any form(s) of pain relievers in other to get greater gains in the future.

At that point, my mind quickly re-winded back to one of our mantras at my body building club back then in school. We had on our wall the inscription NO PAIN,NO GAIN.

What that meant at that time was; without feeling the pains of deliberately carrying those heavy duty metals, we couldn’t gain not even 0.1oz of muscles and ops another thing I remembered was; you were not permitted to use any form of pain relievers no matter how painful the effects of the metals were.

That same old mantra applies to every of our activities today, whether in business or in relationships or even in religion; No Pain, No Gain!

And pain relievers have a directly proportional way of reducing or relieving our gains too.

Based on the well proven theories and hypotheses, I can vividly say that PAIN RELIEVERS in what so ever form are also GAIN RELIEVERS.

You relieve the PAIN, you reduce the GAIN!, No barGAINing!

So how do we apply this to our daily businesses you ask?

Its simple we either embrace the PAINS (no matter how much) and eagerly expect the GAINS or RELIEVE the PAINS and expect LITTLE or NO PAIN!

What it implies is that I for example must happily take the PAINS of embracing new tasks and challenges at work in other to GAIN the accolade of my Boss (my Number one customer) and consequently INCREASE my take home. By the way, take homes are not increased because I pay my tithe regularly, they are increased because my organization finds me valuable and they in turn “add value” to my take home.

I must also face the PAINS of going back to School to Study, Search and Re-Search (when others are rejoicing to have dropped their pens) in order to be a contributor to the global body of knowledge (that’s my GAIN tho!)

There are a thousand and one ways to face the PAINS, find yours and face them squarely.

Dont Forget Pain Relievers have a way of Reducing your Gains!

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