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Nigeria needs a STEM not a STAGE.


I came across the young chap(in the picture yesterday)…. not at a Science or Technology expo but at the ever busy Ogbete “International” market in Enugu, exhibiting his craft to anybody who cared to pay some attention.

My mind immediately flashed back to the story of Mr. Mike Laziridis, the Co-founder and brain behind RIM, the makers of Blackberry devices who started building stuffs like this with Legos as early as age four.

So I thought to myself, what if this is another “Mike Laziridis” wasting away in Ogbete Market.

(Un)Fortunately, ours is a society where little or no attention is paid to Science, Technology and some crappy “crafts”.

Understandably our corporate organizations need to strategically appeal to their entertainment-driven audiences by sponsoring Music and Dance shows.

I am not really good with TV programs but the last time I checked, I know MTN sponsors Project Fame,Etisalat Sponsors Nigerian Idol, Maltina Sponsors Dance All (or is it Hall?)

But who sponsors Science and Technology Innovations and Inventions….maybe UNESCO?

The Big truth is, if Nigeria MUST attain its position as the GIANT of Africa and stand tall amongst the World Giants to become a nation who can compete favorably with the fierce ASIAN TIGERS what we need is HUGE Investments in the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) and not in the STAGE.

Nigerian has no doubt established her reputation as the headquarters of entertainment in Africa with our NOLLYWOOD churning out movies like a typical Chinese factory and our Music Industry is not doing Badly too at least we have “BIG” names like TuFace Idibia, Davido, Wizkid et al.

Its time we also build our reputation as not just a nation that exports BRAINS but as a Nation that utilizes its BRAINS and produce viable products that will not only serve our populace but also Africa and the rest of the world.



…its been Seun Ogunmola reporting from Enugu.




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