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Mother Nature and Her Perfect Rewarding System.


If there is one thing I love about Science, it is the utmost believe in Nature. I had grown up in a strictly academic environment and I can remember hearing the statement “Created/Made by Nature” very often especially during my early science classes. My then Science Teacher (Baba Science as we fondly called him)  would tell us that this element and that substance was created by nature. At some point I became so inquisitive about this Man(or woman) called Nature whose job obviously was CREATING everything.

But then,on Sundays, I was enrolled into another School entirely, this school obviously belonged to a different School of Thought. That School I attended on Sunday was called Sunday School ( as the name implied). My Sunday School teacher unlike my Science Teacher told me everything was created by God within a space of 6 days and he rested on the 7th day.

At some point I was at a dilemma as to who to believe; Monday through Friday I attended classes where they told me everything was created by nature (except for my CRK classes that was more like a replica of my Sunday School) and on Sundays my Sunday School Teacher told me something entirely different.

Let me save the story for another day..

Fast Forward to about 10 years later!

Now I had grown up and I could distinguish between what I was thought in “Monday-Friday” School and what I was thought in Sunday School. I could now conveniently combine the knowledge from the two Schools to strike a balance in my day-to-day living.

One other thing I had fallen in love with under the Natural School of Thought is the premium placed on Laws (Universal Laws of Nature). One of such laws is THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT.

Mother Nature has she is fondly  called seemed to have some resemblance to the Blind Folded Lady who serves as the emblem of the Justice. She has a Naturally Perfect Rewarding System.

Unlike her Religious Counterparts, who place great emphasis on GRACE, Mother Nature doesnt seem to be so gracious as to giving you something for nothing. She graciously bestows rewards on those who graciously deserve it.

Mother Nature takes delight in rewarding people and persons who have found a way of solving problems and providing solutions for her children.

Your reward in this Life and the one beyond is a function of your actions. 

Time and time again I have seen people tag some others as lucky because they seem to enjoy the teeming goodies of Life!

Do you call a man lucky when he is solving critical problems as he is getting rewarded critically for the magnitude of problems he is solving?

One of the much discussed comparisons is the Mainland VS Island arguments in Lagos.

But I say and I say again, the guys on the Island are staying on the Island not because they are lucky or they attend a certain church denomination or because Jesus has decided to intercede specially for them, they are on the Island because they are helping to solve critical problems and their organizations cannot afford to place somebody so valuable in some place less valuable. You get it? Or you think organizations like MTN, Ericsson et al will allow their hard-gotten well-trained expatriates to stay in the ghettos of Lagos? That’s an impossibility.

The other day, one dude was ranting about some guy who pays #7 million house rent per annum and he expected me to join in his self-induced “humbility” like my friends will call it. What was on my mind was HOW and WHAT will I also do or be doing that I will soon be able to afford a #7 million naira per annum apartment (even though I will not necessarily subscribe to the idea of giving a LandLord 7 Million Naira every other year except if the house will become mine after I pay the 7M for one or two more years). My major point here is come on!, that dude must be really valuable before Mother Nature can so bestow upon him such luxury!

That “young”,”small”,”tiny” dude whatever you choose to call him is riding that twenty-something Million Naira Car not because he is lucky, not because he attends a brand of church (most of them are not even “born again, tongue-speaking, demon chasing, devil cursing” like their religious counterparts) but because he is making a contribution to the society that has attracted such a reward from Mother Nature.

Dont envy people’s rewards! I think its better to envy their contributions and step up yours too.

Remember Mother Nature has a very perfect rewarding system, it only a matter of time before your contributions gets noticed and you get your fair-share of the luxuries of life.

#DoubleUp! That is exactly what I am doing too!

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