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Life is measured in Seconds.

hour glass

In the Last Two decades of my existence on this Planet, I have come across different people from  widely differing school of thoughts about this concept called LIFE.

Some say it is a Marathon, Some say it is a Race, others see it as a Journey, some see it as a brief sojourn (a means to an end called Eternity).

Recently I have come to discover Life as it were is simply the duration between the day we are born and they day we die.

Be it as it may, whether you see it as a race or a marathon or a relay even a decathlon, Life in my own terms is as simple as a TIME BOUND duration between the second we breath our FIRST BREATH and the second we breath our LAST.

To drive it further home, it means our entire life can be valued as an amount of seconds nothing more, nothing less.

What makes the difference is what we do within the limited amount of seconds we have to spend on this planet.

A wise man once said;

When people waste your time it is MURDER, When you waste your own time it is SUICIDE

 Now that we understand our LIFE is a matter of a couple of seconds, I guess the next time you see that “seconds” hand tick on a clock you will understand it means Your Life – 1 Second

Make every second count!

#Succeed My Friend!….There is no time!

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