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“I bargained with life for a pennybargain_seunogunmola
And Life would pay no more
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store

For life is a just employer
he gives you what you ask
but once you have set the wages
why you must bear the task

I worked for a menial’s hire
only to learn dismayed
that any i had asked of life
Life would willingly pay”

Great Poem isn’t it?? I not just a poem friend, it’s a reflection of what goes on day-in-day-out in Life. Conciously or Unconciously through our words, thoughts and actions we bargain with Life and when the “just taskmaster” hands us what we bargained with frown in shock and dismay not knowing we ourselves set the “price tag” from day one.

Goodnews is we can always call for a re-negotiation, here and now and trust me Life and mother nature always has a way of matching it.

Let me end this piece with a visual quote from the Ford-man himself

HENRY FORD QUOTEThat was a man in an active bargain and a great proof that life matched his bargain is the array of automobiles bearing his name on every street of the world.

Don’t stop bargaining, Don’t stop renegotiating, always remember

“Life hands you exactly what you bargain, No Interests, No Taxes”

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