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Just Do It


Ever wondered where the NIKE slogan came from?

Actually I just came across the little phrase that brought about the ever green Nike Slogan. It states;

“Yesterday you said Tomorrow…..Just Do it…Today!(Added by me)”

It simply means Yesterday you promised to do this stuff today and today has come you are still promising to do it TOMORROW!.

Logically I see no direct correlation between a clothing line company like Nike and a slogan like “Just Do it” but I want to believe Phil Knight and his cohorts at Nike have procrastinated a couple of stuffs when they came across this phrase. (permit me to quote it again )

“Yesterday we said Tomorrow”, why not let’s JUST DO IT.

Next time you are tempted to procrastinate remind yourself

“Yesterday I said tomorrow, just let me do it”.

 I end this with a quote from Benjamin Franklin;

Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.


#Suceed my Friend!…. Its not Negotiable!

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