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Its Boring? Why not Gamify it?


You are too playful

That was one phrase I have heard over a thousand times in my less than 3 decades life that it has come to become more of a complement sort of!

As far as I can remember I think my mum takes the credit for originating the “compliment”.

But then, I played my way into classes and I played my way into great grades and then I played and am still playing my way into Excellence daily!

I could remember vividly on one occasion, I was to take my Junior Secondary School common-entrance examination 8am the next morning  and here was I at 1am playing Battle Tank with my Dad at about 1:30am, my mum woke up from her sleep to surprisingly find her husband and her son (who was to write his common entrance examination the next morning) trying to save the bird in the battle tank game.

Cut the auto-biography short, I played my way into the examination hall the next morning and I played my way into getting the Second Best Result in my local government. (I leave that for another day tho)

To me Life was more of a game to be played than a do-or-die affair. My favorite quote then was

“Why take Life so serious, when no of us actually gets out of here alive anyways”


And then, I came across GAME THEORY in my University days but that sounded more theoretical and then I came across GAMIFICATION; a term that encapsulated my whole idea of life as a game.

Gamification (as I will define it to a primary 4 kid) is the process of introducing the concepts of games into our everyday activities. From Office work, to relationships to Church Services just think of it.

Believe me it makes Life easier, less boring and drives the message home more easily.

I could remember at some point I and my girlfriend had to introduce games into our relationship (we played monopoly, invented Bed-Rumble;a variance of the wrestling royal-rumble where the loser gets pushed off the bed).

I am not really a fan of long epistles, what I am trying to tell you my friend in one paragraph is;

Whenever anything (I mean anything) you are doing is getting boring, introduce GAMIFICATION and see the tremendous change it brings.

#Suceed my friend! It’s Non-negotiable!

  Solutions Evangelist + IT Strategist
  (Real Life Gamer)





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