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Ignorance doesnt respect your IQ

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I have always thought the word Ignorance was added to the dictionary to help us qualify folks with little IQs or who are dumb until two events earlier this week proved to me that we all have our fair share of ignorance.

Up till now, I have prided myself as one All-Intelligent “bad-guy” who could grab anything in the twinkle of an eye.

That’s why if you check my resume the first USP I listed was my Accelerated Learning Ability (ALA) and believe me I have results from IQ tests to show for it. My IQ score if measured in Celsius can evaporate ICE, you know what I mean (something well above the boiling point of water) until two events this week proved to me that Ignorance does not respect your IQ.

First was a task I was assigned to carry out by my boss, I got there with my usual PLUG-AND-PLAY Swag and up till now I have not been able to complete that task even though I had a manual to go through.

The second event happened in the early hours of today when what seemed like a simple database maneuver turned out to be a task that I had to call for backup.

Those two events looked like a slap on my intellectual sagacity but then I did not have to beat myself up, I have learnt and re-learnt how to grasp lessons from every event.

So what lesson did I grasp from these events; the fact that IGNORANCE DOESN’T RESPECT YOUR IQ. What you dont know, you dont know.

And the earlier we understand how much we dont know, the better for us

And the antidote is simple, very very simple!


A high IQ cannot substitute Knowledge and Experience.

#LEARN my friend, that’s what gives power to your IQ


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