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Disability does not mean Dis-Ability


Okay, here I was at the car park waiting for my bus to get filled up, and this dude came with the confidence of a marketer (you know what I mean).

Obviously he is a beggar from his look and feel, but what amazed me was the poise with which he approached me. He had a paper in his hand and he was very eager to show it to me (that was more like his selling point). Then I discovered he was Deaf and probably Dumb that apparently placed him at the level of a low-class beggar since he didnt have the competitive advantage (a voice to sing and ask for alms) like most beggars in this part of the country do. They saturate you with sonorous songs genres from High life to reggae to Hip Hop that by the end of their presentation, you would have no choice than to deep your hands in your pocket and give them “something”.

In the midst of my philanthropic emotions, there was a part of me that wasnt concurring to this guy’s selling point probably because I had read THOMAS EDISON’s story and I knew he was also DEAF to some extent or because I also know that even BEETHOVEN one of the greatest MUSICIANS of all time also had he own fair share of DEAFNESS.

Or (more recently) because Pastor Nick Vujicic, without his hands and limbs is still one of the most prominent Ministers in the world.

So I thought to myself what if Thomas Edison or Beethoven, Mozart or even Pastor Nick Vujicic had signed up for the Disabled Association of their Countries and taken up a career in begging, walking majestically to their benefactors proudly showcasing their “disabilities”.

I am sure I wont even know about Thomas Edison or any of them today.

“A man is not disabled because he has no limbs or he is  deaf, dumb or even blind, A man is disabled because he has accepted and decided to be DIS-ABLED”


#We aint DIS-ABLES my friend, We are ABLE and we will SUCEED!


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