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Being Miser-Able Makes You Miserable


Any 21st century compliant dictionary will define a Miser as a person (or group of persons) who are ungenerous with things (especially Money). The word has become synonymous with people who do not like to give people money.

But far beyond that, a Miser is somebody or people who hoard things, be it money, knowledge, emotions, just about anything you can think of.

And I will define MISER-ABLE as the ability of a person (or group of persons) to be or become MISERLY. More like your ability to want to hoard that which you have or know to the detriment of others (but most important to a greater detriment to yourself).

The word MISERABLE needs no introduction if you are like me, you would have used it a couple of times (both in and out of context) usually in the offensive mode. It is an adjective which we use to qualify people who fall in our offensive category. We use it most times to “abuse” or insult people.

Whether in or out of context, the dictionary defines Miserable as being Unhappy, Unpleasant, Inadequate (I so like that).

So what has being a MISER or being MISER-ABLE (having the ability to be a Miser) got to do with being MISERABLE you ask?

No man is an island of knowledge like people always say, but I extend it by saying no man is an Island of anything. Anything you possess needs the complementary efforts of others if it must MULTIPLY. 

There seems to be a MULTIPLIER EFFECT when you MIX (or rather SHARE) that which you have (no matter how much or little) with OTHERS.

Little wonder the bible said “One will chase a THOUSAND, Two will chase TEN THOUSAND” and it continues multiplying in geometric progression. My Logical explanation of that is that ONE will CONTINUE to chase ONE THOUSAND (or even less) until he COLLABORATES with ANOTHER, then he will be ABLE to chase TEN THOUSAND.

Day-In-Day-Out, I meet and work with people who want to remain “RELEVANT” by keeping their SECRET recipes. They call it “Knowledge-Hoarding” to make themselves feel good, not knowing that LIFE as it were is a JIGSAW Puzzle you need the small pieces from others if you must get the BIG PICTURE.

Ops!…its getting lengthy.

In one paragraph, what I am trying to pass across is that, HOARDING or being a MISER with that with you have will YES! make you feel RELEVANT and IN CHARGE in the short term, but in the LONG RUN it will make you MISERABLE, very very MISERABLE!, because you will still keep holding to your secret recipe not knowing guys out there are busy mixing ingredients and coming up with newer and more “delicious” recipes everyday!.

#FreeAdvice Be generous! with anything you have (except maybe your WIFE tho  🙂 )

And I guess I should practice what I preach… This Week I am researching into the LIFESTYLE of the JEWS trying to grab a LESSON or TWO from what keeps them in CONTROL of the World’s Economy despite the fact that they are a very minute population of the World.

You should LEARN FROM THE JEWS TOO! and Hopefully I will share my findings in my subsequent posts! (I am not MISER-ABLE)

Do have a Terrific Week Ahead!





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