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21st Century Goliaths


If you have ever passed through Sunday School in church or some little lessons in Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) in Primary School then you should be quite familiar with the epic story of David and Goliath.

For the sake of my friends who perhaps started primary school with Differential Calculus and didn’t have time for elementary CRK let me do a paraphrase of the story.

Once upon a time there was David Jesse; a shepherd boy from a remote village in Israel. David’s brothers were officers in the Israeli army who at that time were at war with the troops from Philistine. On this faithful morning,David’s father Mr Jesse had sent him on an errand to go give food to his brothers on the battlefield on getting there he came across a 9-footer; Goliath from Gath!!!.

Cut the long story short he (David) challenged Goliath and in a matter of minutes he brought him down with a sling shot.

Business_David_and_GoliathBut then that was some centuries BC…

This is 2014, the Goliaths of the 21st century are not only Huge in stature but also HUGE in Strategies, Network and Net-worth. It will take more than a sling shot from a “shepherd boy” to bring them down.

If you must be a David in this age and you hope to bring down these Goliaths then you have got to do your “homework” very well otherwise these Goliaths will not only strangle you but also crush and man-handle you.

Left to me, I will rather be a “Davidlized-Goliath”, a GIANT with the AGILITY of DAVID!

#Business Lessons from the Scriptures.



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