Like your Life depends on it.

Like your Life depends on it. That is exactly how You should pursue the things that matter to You. One of the major reasons we do not get things done in-time and on-time is because we don’t want them like our lives depend on them. They are mere wishes. We still have reservations, We still […]

How did they get there?

How did they get there? That is the question I ask whenever I come across people who are doing stuffs I hope to do, or have the stuffs I am hoping to acquire in the “future”. I believe there in lies the answers to some of the puzzles we are trying to solve all by […]

What is the speed of your plan?

Back in 2011, I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Increase your financial IQ”, in that book he asked a Million-Dollar question about a Million Dollars. Dont get it twisted, this is the question he asked (though a little paraphrased); If I happen to need One Million Dollars today which would be faster, saving the One Million […]

Show me your failure resume

Back then in School, I enjoyed attending “motivational” programs where I will hear how someone went from having 17,000 in the bank to making 17 Million within two years etc… And then I will get fired up and want to go make my own 17 Million. What I did not know then was that what […]