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Beyong Facebooking and Tweeting…

The 21st century is no longer a prediction.

The century came unto us like a thief in the night fully armed with ammos. both good and bad. The Internet and the World Wide Web are some of the most sophisticated weapons of the new century.

Good,Bad and Ugly things the internet has done to us. Folks have sealed more business deals via the internet than we have done in the previous years, specialized information is available at our finger tips at no costs at all, also Cyber-Crimes and Cyber-Terrorism have hit our planet harder than anytime in the history of humanity (Ugly uh?).

Okay you have not done business via the internet right? and of course you are not a cyber criminal so what has the internet done for you?

Social Media!

Haha!.. The “almighty” social media!. You use Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Badoo and Whatsapp and WeChat and several others you might need to update me about.

Should some of these social networks be countries, they will give China a run for her population.

Social Media accounts for well over 70% of global Internet users. As a matter of fact, Facebook alone account for around 72% of adult internet users and 62% of entire adult population. It is that serious.

Unfortunately! Yeah there is an unfortunately part.

Most of these internet users do nothing other than Facebooking and Tweeting and Whatsapping. Quite unfortunate. That is analogous to playing volleyball on the site of one of South Africa’s Gold Mines.

Underneath your feet is Gold, pure Gold yet all you are doing is playing.

I have followed Strive Masiyiwa’s series titled Turn your business into a “technology company”on Facebook where he shared awesome experiences of people who have used the basic technology tools at their disposals to better their businesses and increase earnings and I honestly think its high time some of us stepped in to clear this mess.

In doing this, I have decide to setup an ICT4Business category on my website where I will be sharing tips from myself and other industry leaders (like Mr. Masiyiwa) on how businesses (especially non-IT related) can easily tap into the enormous powers of ICT and stop playing volleyball on the soils of the internet Gold Mine. Coincidentally that one of the punchlines on my Twitter and Instagram profiles

So how do you become part of it? Keeps tabs on my ICT4Business section of my website and enjoy insider info FOC!


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