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I help People and Organizations leverage on Technology to achieve their goals easier, faster and cheaper
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You are not a Fire-fighter, stop being one.

Fire-fighting is a very noble profession. The name of the profession is self explanatory; fire-fighters are the people we call when buildings or other stuffs are on fire. They help save lives and properties. Do You know how they go about their jobs? I have not been a fire-fighter before but I know one way […]

Move with the cheese!

“I am so excited its already weekend!!!”  That is exactly my mood right now, humming to Patoranking‘s song titled Suh Different As part of my weekend behavior , I glance through a couple of book(s) to update my knowledge base. This weekend I picked up Spencer Johnson’s “Who moved my cheese?” just to glance through […]

Innovate or Resign or get Sacked.

Innovation does not necessarily mean You have to be churning out Teslas, Hyperloops and Falcon Heavies like Boda Musk. It simply means finding better ways to do things. Let us break it down; How can You do your current Job tasks easier, faster and more accurately with the same or a lesser budget? How do […]