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Ready-made moulds.

Everyday in our society, people wake up with pre-conceived ideas of their expectations from other people.

When they hop into the streets, they go out with what I have come to term “Ready-made moulds”; moulds they expect everyone else except themselves to fit into.

By default, folks these days already have a picture of what they expect of you; the kind of clothes you are expected to wear, the kind of haircut you are expected to carry, the kind of body size you should attain, the kind of girl you should date, the kind of tribes you should marry, the kind of places you should work,the kind of friends you are expected to keep, the list is endless.

As long as you keep fitting in, you are safe. But the moment you decide to step out of the frames of their expected pictures, you become the devil’s newest recruit. God help you if your “expectationers” are somehow religious, you might just have won yourself an all expense paid ticket to hell. (Thank God he doesnt reason like men).

Away from that,

I dont seem to have a problem with folks blinded by pre-conceived prejudices, we meet them every day and it is because of people like them that some of us can move faster on the super highway. No game is interesting without spectators and commentators anyways.

What I have a problem with is the fact that 90–95% of the population of the society are living below their normal potentials courtesy of auto-fitting into the ready made moulds of others.

We want to do things the way they are being done so that we can get the same results. (Literarily translated from an adage in my Yoruba language)

That would have worked fine if everyone in the society was a Dangote or a Bill Gates, then we can settle and do things the way they are being done so that Forbes’ list will become a national-database.

I dont smile when I see obviously conspicuous under-acheivers expecting you to fit into the same old-moulds they fitted into. This is the kind of tribe you must marry, this is the kind of places you can work, this is the kind of body size you can attain and so on.

Every success my friends and I crave for are on the other side of the comfort zone not within the ready-made moulds of some pseudo-humans.

I am out!


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