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I am Seun Ogunmola (AKA Olukomputa AKA CyberWalker)

I am a native of Nigeria, Citizen of the whole world!

I am a young man playing so many roles in the script of life.

By the day; I am a Social EntrepreneurComputer Scientist,  Web Developer, Innovator, Farmer, and Academician (WannaBeAProfessor Someday).

By the night I am a Die-hard researcher with keen interests in Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Business Strategy and of recent Billionairing”

I am a social entrepreneur with an unquenchable passion for proffering viable Solutions to some of the Chronic problems ravaging our society, our nation and the world as a whole. I have great interests in Education, Information Technologies, Agriculture and Housing.

Simply put, I am a Solution Provider; I hate problems therefore I will do everything in my power as God en-graces me to proffer viable solutions to some of the chronic problems ravaging our society, our country and the world at large.

It nice having you here, hope you have a nice time and don’t forget to drop a note!


Seun Ogunmola


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