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Introducing my Learning Log.

Earlier in the Month, I signed up for a Personal CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

I decided to literarily take the “laws into my hands” and then I created a personal business school for myself.


The Learning process just like the Manufacturing process is not complete until the “goods and/or services” get to the consumers. In my years of training as an Academic, I have come to understand that your learning process is not complete until you can competently transfer that knowledge to others.

In one sentence, the Learning process is completed when there is a KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER.

Fortunately (Aint nothing as unfortunate), I do not seem to have access to direct “physical” students that I can transfer my acquired knowledge to. That is why I have decided to leverage on Technology and the Internet to enable me complete the knowledge transfer process. I decided to create a LEARNING LOG section on my website where I hope to transfer some of the knowledge acquired from my personal business school and a such complete my Learning Process.

How it will Work.

I will devour complex Business and Management texts and resources and absorb the core messages, then re-create them in an easy-to-read-and-understand manner where my virtual students can grab the core concepts in one page or less.

This is a summary of the process; I get inputs from Complex Management and Business resources and process them to output the core concepts in a language that even smart 4 year olds can grasp.

You get it?

So lets begin.

In the days and weeks to come, I will share my findings in the LEARNING LOG category of this website.

This LINK takes you straight to class. You can also watch out for the Hash tag #LearningLog or #OgunmolasLearningLog on social-media.

Cheers to our Kai-Zen (Continuous Improvement)

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