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You should be an Olamide in your industry.

I first came across Olamide Adedeji (AKA Badoo AKA Daddy Miliano) in 2011.

I was an intern at a conglomerate and I had some Internet access at my disposal (it was still luxury then). So, in addition to my daily tasks and researches, I made out time for exploring upcoming artists and viola!, Olamide popped on my radar with his debut “Eni Duro” track.

Fast forward to today, its been 7 years from that time and Olamide has remained steaming hot like he was when he popped into the Nigerian music industry. He has since went ahead to release 6 Studio albums back-to-back-to-back, close to hundreds tracks and collaborations some of which has topped the charts both nationally and internationally.

I know You are about to ask How moral his contents are… Well,that is not the purpose of this write-up. You can do well to address that in your own write up.

What I am trying to pass across with this piece is that. Olamide Adedeji since he made his way into the music industry sometime in 2010/2011 has been prolific, constantly innovating, and serving his target market exactly the way they want it. If You think his music is vulgar, well You can go and argue with the over 16 Million folks that have streamed his Wo! track on Youtube or the countless number of “Science Students” in the nooks and crannies of Nigeria.

Now, over to You and I, how can we become an Olamide in our own industries?.

By becoming an Olamide in your industry, I mean;

  1. Knowing your Customers and serving them exactly what they want
  2. Constantly Innovating your offerings
  3.  Being prolific with your solutions. Give your Customers solutions back-to-back and finally
  4. Minding your Business without sending “Iyalawa Anybody” 🙂 

I believe if we all become an Olamide in our industries, our Customers will be happy for it and our account Managers will never forget our Birthdays,Wedding Anniversaries and even our grand Father’s remembrance dates.



P.S. I am not a Pastor. Therefore, if my views appear to conflict with yours, kindly take to your wall, medium or blog and share your own views too. “Thaink You!”

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