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Who needs a Side Hustle?

First of all..

Happy New Year Fam!

I wish You the very best that the year has to offer.

May all the good prophesies come to pass.

May Poverty die in your Life and household.



Now that we have done the “opening prayer”, let us go straight to the “queshun of the day”  πŸ™‚ 


In December 2018, I wrote a series on MONEY.

If You have not read that series, what “eggxactly” have You been reading… You can still catch up with the series here.


In that series, We (I and my readers) agreed that the reason why we are not as RICH as we want to be is because most of us are MONO-INCOMED people AKA 9-5ers AKA Salary Earners.

So You earn a salary and that is your MAIN and ONLY source of income.

God help You if You work for the government or some “alakori” company and they refuse to pay your salary for some months, your economy will just enter recession danu.


Also, in that series, we came to a conclusion that if we must become RICHER than we currently are, we must build MORE CHANNELS of VALUE EXCHANGE vis-a-vis INCOME.

The summary of the whole story I wrote above is that IF You want to be RICHER than You currently are, You must EARN income from MORE THAN ONE SOURCE.

In other words, If You are a salary earner, then You must look for something else to do legbegbe (on the side) AKA Side Hustle.


The Idea… πŸ’‘ 

During one of my communions with awon Iyami Oshoronga (sorry if You are not Yoruba  πŸ˜› ), an idea dropped into my head.

Here is the idea:

What if we have an online Platform where Side Hustlers like You and I can come and showcase our VALUE OFFERINGS and then stand the chance of getting MORE Customers to patronise us?

I know You have heard of Fiverr and Upwork and all the other Freelancing websites but the first time I tried using Fiverr, the many forms I had to fill pissed me off. 

Se ogun laye ni? Fill these many forms and “gigs” on top ordinary $5 bia coman be going….$5 that is like #5 Naira if not because Naira does have value again.. πŸ™„ 


What I am trying to build is like a Behance and Fiverr hybrid; a platform where You register seamlessly, showcase your work and then stand the chance of getting customers to patronise your side hustle.


Sounds like a great idea sey?


But, wollup! wollup!!

I have stayed long enough on this planet to know that an idea is not a good idea until it is validated.

If the likes of Efritin can “leave the building” and GoMyWay has “gone her way”, then You know that an idea is not a billion naira cheque that You just go cash out in the bank. 

The Nigerian market has a way of removing the “FANTA” from your FANTASTIC ideas…at the end of the day all You will have in your hands is a STIC(K)  πŸ˜₯ 



Like I said earlier, I will test-run the idea with as LEAN resources as possible. 

I cannor coman put my hard earned osusu into an idea that will not fly.


So what I have done so far is purchase a domain..

I tried getting but “GoDaddy” has parked the domain they wanted me to come and pay plenty dollars to buy it.. but as the sharp Yoruba-Igbo boy that I am, I decided to “change it for them”,

I bought instead.. afterall LEGBEGBE, in Yoruba means Side by Side and Mr Real has already done a good job in publicising the LEGBEGBE slogan… Emi kan fun wan Legbegbe ni.


For now, the website will be as basic as:

  1. You can register
  2. choose a category for your Side Hustle, then post more information on how to reach You.
  3. Other visitors to the site can then find You by either searching directly for You or searching for services in your category or Niche.

**dont check it yet, it is probably still propagating..  πŸ˜› 

Sounds simple enough sey?

I will also invest a little Money into SEO and Social Media ads.

If by the end of January 2019, I get 200 registrations, then I will build the site into a FULL-FLEDGED Web portal… otherwise, I will just move onto the next one or gift the site to someone who is willing to continue pushing it.


BTW, I have heard about idea theft and other grammars.

Many of my clients ask me to sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) for an idea that many other people are already running online..You think say na only You sabi get idea?  πŸ˜† 

Ideas are not the “birth right” of anybody, we are mere custodians.. Implementation lo se koko!

So if You want to steal this idea, go ahead and steal it o just make sure You build it into a UNICORN company at least I will be glad that one of my many ideas was stolen and it is now a billion dollar company and maybe I will hire Festus Keyamo and then sue You so me too can chop out of the Billions You have made. ** A man has no name..A man just wants to make Money..*in Arya Stark’s voice*



Way forward?

The way forward is always forward.

As I speak (or is it as I write), I am currently working on the website, I just thought to let the world know about what I have in mind ni… Ongbalarami!!! *in Oristefemi’s voice*

You have two options,

  1. Fill the form below with your details
  2. and/or bookmark so You will be in the loop when the site goes fully live.

We all gonna be alright lass lass.


Let me leave You with the video that cracked me up yesterday.


2019?… We go buy Benzzzzz!!!!  πŸ™‚  πŸ˜† 

Dont forget to fill the form o!  πŸ˜€ 




A by the way, it is not online writing that I do o, I am also a Web/Mobile Developer. So if You have an idea that requires some “TECH”, I am your guy!!!

Check out some of my works here.

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