Which lessons can we COPY from DJ Cuppy?

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola AKA DJ Cuppy is a Nigerian Disc Jockey (DJ) and an un-repentant “upcoming Artist”.

She is also one of the most trolled and cyber-bullied artists in Nigeria.

Check out some of the few I could curate below:


Did You notice her surname?

You should!

Her surname is OTEDOLA, she is the daughter of Femi Otedola, the billionaire.

Do You remember “Otedola with the MONEY!!!!?”

That same Otedola is her Zaddy…Biological now not Sugary.  πŸ˜› 


That is not the purpose of this post anyways.


DJ Cuppy has a long running career as a Disc Jockey.

As a matter of fact, She got an endorsement from Pepsi recently.

So she is one of Pepsi’s DJ ambassadors.


Despite her pedigree and her seaming success as a DJ, our very own Cuppy has continually made efforts to diversify her career into music and most of her efforts have met strong criticisms.


Make we no lie ehn, Aunty Cuppy has a long way to go before she becomes an A-list act BUT her doggedness is impressive.


So what are the lessons before You think I am campaigning for Cuppy 2019.


First, somebody with her pedigree does not even need to hustle… Zaddy has got her covered..

She can technically take her Surname to the bank and make withdrawals  πŸ˜† 

But despite that, She ventured into being a DJ and she is doing well.

As if Zaddy’s Money and the Money from her DJ gig isnt enough, DJ Kupe *in Speed Darlington’s voice* has been WERKING her ass out to come through like bang dang dang dang into the Nigerian Music industry.

Little wonder the Bang Master himself Speedy Baba offered her a collabo recently.. πŸ˜€ … Talk about 1 quick way to end your music career…LOL


Here is the lesson:

No matter how Successful You think You have become, Keep Grinding, Keep Pushing, Keep Hustling.

If Otedola’s daughter with ALL THE MONEY is still WERKING her ass out.. What “eggxactly” is your own excuse.


Big looking out to DJ Cuppy and hopefully, one of these days She will release a “banger” and start rubbing shoulders with the Tiwas and Yemi Alades of the industry.

Till then, 

Back to your Hustles.

Taink You *in Brother Shaggi’s voice*


Wollup! Wollup!!, before You go, I am not the only one that will do the WERK of listening to this WERK song.

Enjoy DJ Cuppy’s Werk below

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