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When was the last time you made a Decision?

A lot of people go through Life living on the orders of others.

Almost everything they do is based on other people’s Decisions.

I do not have any graphs and charts and statistics on the subject matter yet, but I can bet well above 70% of the World’s population have lived the larger chunk of their Lives without making any personal decisions.

You still do not get it?

Let me help you understand it.

Your Parents!, yeah your wonderful, caring Parents, Did you CHOOSE THEM?. That is a BIG NO!. A young guy probably walked up to a young lady, whispered some sweet words to her that triggered some sweet sensational hormones in her Brain, they fell in love, got married, made love and in 9 months, they made You. You did not have a say in any of it. Did you?

Your childhood life? Did you choose where you grew up? That is another NO I guess.

Your Primary School? Were you given the liberty to choose the Primary School you attended? Mine was a NO, I guess that goes for you too. Same applies to Secondary Schools. Our Parents just enrolled us in the Schools they felt was good enough for us and their pockets.

And then it was time to go to the University, a lot of people desire a particular course of study but after several attempts at JAMB, they final TAKE whatever the University OFFERS them. You hear stuffs like, I choose Computer Science, THEY GAVE ME Animal Science. The School DECIDED to give you a course you did not want and then you tool it.

The entirety of the University Life was also filled with episodes of doing stuffs you did not want to do. You took elective and “borrowed” courses you did not like because your department DECIDED that you should take it.

You graduate, it is time for the compulsory National Service, NYSC’s posting software DECIDES where you spend the next 12 months of your Life. Some decide not to redeploy, they take it as the “WILL OF GOD”.

After NYSC, you hop into the labour market like a Rabbit in search of Carrots. If God helps you and the employment offers did not come early enough, you take the first appointment letter that comes your way.

You finally get employed in a firm. One day, the board decides that the Northern sub-region is not performing excellently and they need good hands on deck to bring them up to speed, they DECIDE to send some of the good hands down there. The next morning, a mail lands in your box, You have been transferred to Kano or Borno. Out of whose decisions?. You have “no choice” as usual you relocate ASAP.

Some even go to the extent that they cannot DECIDE what they want to eat. I have seen people walk into restaurants with no clues of what to eat. Just give me whatever you have they holler.


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