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What do you do when shit happens?

Hi,Happy New Year 2018.

Its the 3rd day of January 2018 and I am reporting live from a Hospital Ward ( I am not the Patient) somewhere in Ibadan.. Shit just happened and the responsibility of packing the shit has fallen on me.

I ended the last year on a very high note. The year was a fabulous year, I worked very hard so I played very hard at the end of the year.

On the last day of the year, I had gone from a Beach party to a Car Race with my friend Maxwell, we hopped in and out of Bars and Lounges; from Bogobiri in Ikoyi, to Hard Rock Cafe to Cactus on the Roof…#Balling… I crossed over at House on the Rock in Lekki and then the next morning I drove down to Ibadan to spend the new year with family.

In Ibadan, all was very well, Ram slaughtered, Meat everywhere, loads of Palmwine to drink and then I decided to “enter town” in the evening. I returned in the night to a chilly environment, looks like a heated argument just settled, my Dad and his brother had been arguing over an issue so trivial that I cant even post… cut the long story short, the Young Man had escalated his Blood Pressure, he ran into an Hypertensive Emergency and guess who his next of Kin was?… You guessed right, Me!

That was how shit happened to me.

And I have been in the hospital ever after, swiping my card at every drug request, debit alerts rolling in like the waves of the atlantic.

Now back to my question,

What do You do when shit happens?

You roll your sleeves and pack it fam

I have learnt over the years that when shit happens, You pack it like a Pro as fast as You can.

Not to worry the old man is recoverying fast.

And it takes more than a few shits to spoil my year…

Cheers to the freaking New Year
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