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What actually makes you a Very Important Person (VIP)?

Yesterday, I attended Phyno’s Phynofest 2016, an event that started notoriously late. The organizers wrote 12pm on the Tickets but did not start the event until 5 hours later. (I will address that in another post).

The VIP tickets for the event was a little on the cheap side therefore, a lot of people made it to the VIP section of the event. Yours truly was there too.*winks*

As usual, I got to the venue of the event some 30 minutes before the time on the ticket. I was looking like a Bouncer myself so it was easy to get past the Bouncers and secure a comfortable position in the VIP space.

As we eagerly awaited our “late-coming” Celebs, I decided to use the time to “Observe things”.

While I was observing, I “observed” something that intrigued me; Everyone in my part of the pavilion was supposed to be a Very Important Person (VIP) afterall, that is what was written on the tickets that got us in.  However, I discovered that some VIPs got more special treatments while some VIPs were still rough-handled by the Bouncers.

Isn’t that Ironical, the Bouncers were rough-handling some VIPs while they were carefully paving the way for other VIPs ensuring that not even their well starched attires got rumbled.

Trust my inquisitive self, I decided to “observe” further, I started to ask people questions about the VIPs that got special treatments. It turned out they were either Successful Business Owners, Politicians, Footballers, Judges just name it.

The VIPs that got special treatments came in the fullness of what they were doing prior to the event.

Then it dawn on me that a VIP status is EARNED not BOUGHT.

It is possible that you are able to afford the VIP TICKETS for an event BUT the VIP status is not something you can buy. It is something you earn from your enterprise; from what you are known for; from your contributions to the society.

What makes you VIP is WHAT you have done and what you are DOING that the society considers important.

“VIP Tickets can get you into the VIP section of events, but it will not EARN you the VIP treatment you so desire”

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