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Hello People we are here again,

In the last post, we started eating into the core of this series.

We introduced the concept of the Customer and how important the Customer is to your Business.


I am sure You now have a better understanding of what a Customer is and how You must treat the Customer like the King that he/she is.


In this post, we will focus on something very important… which I summarise in the phrase below:

Not everybody is your Customer

You can loud it so that the people at the back will hear… 😉 


I laugh when I hear some of these startup Ninjas quote funny metrics.

There are over 200 Million people in Nigeria, there are “kini kini” Million people in Lagos, there are “kini kini” Million people in  the Niche we re targeting. 

Story for the gods !!! *in Olamide’s voice*...those are the kind of metrics they should be sharing during “Tales by Moonlight”.

Nigeria has a population of over 200 Million…Yes… As a matter of fact, with the number of Baby Mamas we have these days, I am sure by the next census we will be closing 250 Million if not more…LOL

Out of the “hfhfhdgdgdgddf” Million people in “your market space”, how many of them are WILLING and ABLE to pay for your services?

Subtract the other ones that are not willing and able to pay from the millions You have, do you still have millions?

Now how many of the remaining millions are accessible to You?

Subtract the ones that are not accessible.

I can continue giving You insights into the millions of “potential customers” You need to subtract from your 200 Million Nigerians and You will see that what You will have left at the end of the day is just a hand full.


What am I trying to saying in essence?

Stop the blind figure quoting… there are 200M+ Nigerians, but, not all of them are your customers.


Your job as a business owner is to profile your Customers and place a laser focus on them like a Sniper Assassin.


I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and one of the young people I respect so much for his consistency in this hustle over the years Ademola Morebise shared his personal experience.

He said:

The biggest lesson I learnt in 2017 was that to build a successful business, you need to stop doing random acts of marketing and start following a reliable plan for rapid business growth.

I think that is what has changed the game for me in 2018.

I think that is just the summary of everything I intend to pass across in this post.


Let me help You understand it in 3-4 points.

  1. There are over 200M+ Nigeria (or whatever the population of the country You do business in), not all of them are your customers. So stop blindly quoting that figure.
  2. You need to have a picture of who your “Ideal Customer” is.
  3. You need to profile your ideal Customer and finally,
  4. You need to place a LASER FOCUS on them and target them like a SNIPER ASSASSIN.

Do You understand?

Now lets talk a little about profiling your customer.

I will dwell more on this in the next post, but a little appetiser wont ruin your “diet” I believe.

In profiling your customer, start with the following questions:

  1. What is your product?
  2. Who are your ideal customers?
  3. What is their gender (if your product is gender-based)?
  4. Where do they live?
  5. What is their occupation?
  6. If possible, how much is their range of salary? this helps to set a good pricing model for them?
  7. Where do they play?
  8. Which churches or religious centres do they attend..(Yes, Nigeria is a RELIGIOUS country and every smart business man knows to take his hustle to some of this “religious centers”)
  9. Are they internet enabled?
  10. Which social media sites do they use?… You dont want to go selling Brazillian hair or Penis enlargement cream on LinkedIn you know…LOL


Those are some of the questions you must ask when trying to profile your customers.

In the next post, we will dwell more on Customer profiling.

See You

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