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The Value-Reward Relationship

We all want to make more money.

We want to drive Fast-moving consumable cars, stay in Big Houses, date Big girls , buy a money-spraying gun like E-Money and do “Big Big” things.

That to me is not a problem.

Technically, it is called Ambition or “Dreaming Big”.

The problem however is we fantasize and search for these things in every other places except where they are.

We hope to win some big money in NairaBet, we hope to get invited to “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and walk away with 10 or 20 Million. We hope Dasuki mistakenly transfers some stray millions to into our account and if you are a huge fan of African Magic, you hope to be walking down your streets one day or urinating in a near by bush and come across a “Ghana-must-go” bag filled with millions.

*Wake up you 5am alarm is beeping*

Recently, my “malaikas” brought me some inspirazo and that is what I am about sharing with you.

My “malaikas” woke me up around half past 2 in the mid night and whispered to me; “ Seun, there is a POSITIVE relationship between your REWARDS and your PERCEIVED VALUE”.

Just incase you did not catch that, let me paraphrase. “Your REWARDS in this LIFE are DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to how much VALUE you command in the eyes of those that are meant to reward you”.

Bringing that closer to your home address, what does it imply.

What it means is that, the quality of the clothes I will wear, the house I will live in, the cars I will drive and even the “oloshos” I will roll with has a DIRECT correlation to the VALUE I command.

That suggests to me that instead of dreaming of riding a Range Rover eVogue AMG (All Mighty God) someday, all I need to FOCUS on is how I will BUILD myself up to a point where I command as much VALUE as can attract a Range Rover.

Instead of dreaming (whether day or night), fantasizing, “sowing” into your Pastor’s personal account, all you need to is shift your focus to yourself, give yourself some DIGITAL or TRADITIONAL “MIRAKURU” that will transform you into a very VALUABLE DAEMON (or DEMON ATCMB) which in turn will attract the rewards commensurate to your VALUE-RATING.

Are you still waiting for NAIRABET Numbers??

Wouldn’t you rather become more valuable?


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